And the Answer Is…

A Platypus!


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Did you know…

  1. Platypuses are super strange animals! They are monotremes, or mammals that lay eggs. Most mammals have live young, so platypuses break the mold. In fact, many things about these animals are unusual! They lay eggs like a bird, have bills like a duck, webbed feet like an odder, tails like a beaver, and venom like some reptiles. The first scientists to see the platypus actually thought it was a bunch of animal parts sewn together as a joke!
  2. Platypuses are semi-aquatic, which means they spend a lot of time in the water, but don’t live there all the time.
  3. They are found in Australia.
  4. The males have venom while the females don’t.
  5. They are carnivores, eating various types of worms, shrimp, and other food they find in the water.
  6. They catch their food using electro-location, which is just what it sounds like! A platypus uses electricity to locate their food! They can sense when something is moving based on the electricity the its muscles give off.
  7. The babies are called puggles.

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