And the Answer Is…

A Fox!

edit fox-985292_1920

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Did you know…
There are twelve species of true foxes, including the arctic fox as well as the most common, the red fox. Foxes have big bushy tails, a pointy snout and pointy ears. Did you know that they have whiskers on their legs as well as their face? These whiskers are sensitive and help them navigate easily. A female fox is called a “vixen,” a male is called a “dog fox,” and a group of foxes is called a “skulk.” Foxes make quite a few different sounds, including barking, growling, screaming, and yelping. Unlike wolves, foxes usually hunt by themselves. They also have musky scent glands and use their feces and urine to communicate to other foxes. Not surprisingly, they smell… hmm… how shall I put this? Unpleasant.

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