And the Answer Is…

A Lion!

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Did you know? Some Fun Facts About Lions
1. There is only one species of lion (or two, depending on who you ask… The African Lion and the Asian Lion), but there are several sub-species. The mane differences (get it?) are size, coloring, and habitat. For more about this, click here.

2. Lions are extremely social animals. They live in groups called prides, which consist of up to three males, 12 females, and all their young lions. (Incidentally, have you seen a lion cub? So cute!) They clean each other (and themselves) just like pet cats, by licking each other’s fur. The female lions, or lionesses, are the big hunters and the male lions, the biggest defenders. Lions protect their young from lions in other prides that might try to eat them!

3. Lions communicate and keep in touch by roaring. Sometimes, when the lionesses need help, they roar to the males to let them know their location.

4. They often hunt at night and in groups. Sometimes they take down an animal bigger than themselves by circling it. Their stomachs hold enough food for days and allow them to go for 4 to 5 days without water.

5. Want to learn about how to help big cats such as lions? Visit the Big Cats Initiative on

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