Curious about my journey to publishing? Thank you for your interest! 

There are currently two roads I’m traveling on at the same time. (Sounds tricky, doesn’t it?)

  1. Self-publishing. As you read this, two fantastic illustrators are already working hard to bring my first two picture-book manuscripts to life. Illustrating is a process unique to the individual illustrator, so shhhh, don’t distract them! My job as they brainstorm and think through character drawings (before we story-board it) is to make sure my manuscripts are exactly the way I want them. Self-publishing is its own kind of journey and the process is tailored to the individual.
  2. Agent Querying. On a completely different path, I’m currently working seriously on two other picture books that I would like to perfect to the point of sending to an agent. An agent is the middle man between an author and a publisher. Before you land a sale with a large publishing company, you need to find an agent that likes you. Before I find an agent that likes me, I have to polish my writing so I have something to sell. So on both paths, it really comes down to polishing my writing! 

Here are some steps I’ve taken so far:

  1. Praying. As I’ve prayed and taken forward steps, it’s been evident that the Lord’s been leading me this direction. I won’t pretend I know where it leads, but I’m enjoying the journey so far!
  2. Becoming a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. By joining I hope to establish that I’m serious about pursuing a children’s writing career, as well as offering me boatloads of resources as I pursue writing for children.
  3. Creating a website. Hi there! :)
  4. Starting up social media endeavors.
  5. Looking for an official critique group. I’ve observed a Skype group that I enjoyed tremendously, but nothing is certain yet!

That’s it for my news! Thanks for your support. I hope to share more in the future!