In Remembrance of Mr. Penguin

When I was little, I had a fantastic friend. The story about why I called him Mr. Penguin is a long one, but suffice to say, he was tall, dapper, and a true gentleman. He was also about 50 years older than I was. I used to run up to him and hug him, knowing I would be loved and accepted. He made everyone feel that way.

Three days ago, my friend died. I hadn’t seen him for years, as life has a way of moving on, and old friends become older still. He moved to a different state, and I did too. But there’s that sore spot that aches when I think of him. I’m full of love and gratitude, but sadness too. With the end of his life comes the end of an era. Childhood is long gone, but it slips yet further away, and with it, the people in the older generation, that slowly pass the baton to the ones still fighting the good fight. It takes bravery to stay here. To know that the words they spoke are the last ones they will ever say. I wrote this poem to music a few lines at a time, over a few months, but I feel it’s only right to dedicate it to him, my cherished friend. I’m thankful he had the hope of eternity.

When I Go Away

I will go where no man knows
No man but the Son of God
And He’ll await me and embrace me
When I go away

Leaves that line the trees with gold
On the path to paradise
Changing Autumn into Summer
When I go away

Wings alight me through the clouds
Into starlight I arise
Heaven takes me and awakes me
When I go away

October 22, 2019