Story Share Topic!

Friday Story Share Topic

Ready for this week’s Story Share Topic? Join in the fun and send in your story by this Thursday at midnight! I will draw a story out of the pot to share on this website next Friday!

Send to:

Write a story in which the character can only eat one type of food.

Some questions to ask yourself: How did this happen in this character’s life? Why is this a problem? Who or what eventually solves the problem? What happens as a result? Keep your story between 100-1000 words. I absolutely can’t wait to read these!

Stories should be 100-1000 words and should be appropriate for all audiences.
Keep your own and others’ privacy in mind. Don’t share anything that would embarrass you or the people you know! You also don’t want to share part of a story that you plan to publish some day, and don’t share someone else’s story!

edit food shish-kebab-417994_1920

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