Furry Thursday

Furry Thursday

Can you guess the animal based on the clues? Smash up science and English parts of speech together with this guessing game!

adjectives: furry, cute, small, striped, chestnut-colored, white, brown, squeaky, quick, shy
dart, squeak, gnaw, burrow, hide, nibble
pouches, omnivore
Woodlands, Deciduous Forests, My back yard

Think you know which animal?
Click here for the answer!

Simplified definitions:
Adjective: a describing word, placed before a noun (or pronoun)
Noun: a person, place, thing, or idea
Verb: an action word
Biome: the type of environment where living things make their homes, a habitat (ex: desert, rainforest, tundra)
herbivore: plant-eater
carnivore: meat-eater
omnivore: eats both plants and meat
Furry Thursday rabbit

2 thoughts on “Furry Thursday”

  1. We really enjoyed this! The kids guessed correctly and then we made a game of it each person taking turns thinking of words to help us guess what animal they were referring to. It turned into a fun, dinner-time, family conversation and game!


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