And the Answer Is…

A Bear!

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This is a Brown Bear, sometimes known as a Grizzly Bear

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Fun Facts About Bears
There are eight basic types of bears in the world today:
1. Sun Bear
2. Sloth Bear
3. Spectacled Bear
4. American Black Bear
5. Asian Black Bear
6. Brown Bear
7. Polar Bear
8. Giant Panda

Most bears are omnivores, eating both meat and plants. Can you think of two bears that aren’t omnivores?

If you said “panda bear” and “polar bear” you are absolutely correct! Panda bears eat mostly bamboo. Since bamboo leaves don’t have much nutritional value, they have to eat 20 to 40 pounds of bamboo every day! Occasionally they eat small rodents and other little tasty meat morsels, but usually it’s bamboo bamboo bamboo, day after day after day.

Polar bears, on the other hand, are mostly carnivores, eating mostly various seal species, as well as a whale or two. Bears tend to be extremely adaptable, so if its favorite food isn’t available, a polar bear will eat just about anything!

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