And the Answer Is…

A Rabbit!

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Fun Facts About Rabbits
~Rabbits live underground in burrows. Groups of burrows are called warrens.
~Did you know that some people keep rabbits as pets? There are at least 305 types of domesticated rabbits! Their soft fur and adorable wiggly noses are irresistible to pet lovers.
~In the wild, there are at least 13 types of rabbits, most of which are different types of cottontails. Over half of the rabbits in the world live in North America.
~Female rabbits are called does, and male rabbits are called bucks. A baby rabbit is a kit. A nick-name for rabbit is bunny.
~Rabbits live in all kinds of environments. There are desert rabbits, brush rabbits, marsh rabbits, woodland rabbits… even swamp rabbits!
~Rabbits breathe predominantly through their noses.
~Baby rabbits only stay in the womb for one month. After giving birth, the mother rabbit can get pregnant again in just a few days. No wonder there are so many wascally wabbits!

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