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Story Share Topic: Desert island

Ready for this week’s Story Share Topic?
Join in the fun! Write your story and send it in for a chance to have your story shared on the site!

This Week’s Story Share Topic:

edit desert dunes-1673766_1920 copy

Write a story about a character who is stuck on a desert island with only a kitchen pot, half a bottle of sunscreen, and a mirror.

How does your character survive? Does he/she ever get off the island? Who or what does the character meet while there? Keep it between 100 and 1000 words and send in your awesome stories!

To share: Send your story next Friday to

FAQ: If you don’t want to share your story, can you still write one? Absolutely!
Do you have to write a story on this particular topic? Nope! Writing stories is a great creative writing exercise, no matter what the topic. The topic is a prompt to get you started!

Writing with little ones? Read this post about how to include young children in writing activities.

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