Story Share Topic!

Friday Story Share Topic 2

Ready for next week’s Story Share Topic? Join in the fun and send in your story by next Friday, June 29, for a chance to appear on the website on Friday, July 6.

edit summer pretty-woman-1509956_1920 (1)
Write a story about a summer adventure.

Some questions to ask yourself: Where does it take place? Who are the characters? Try to make the Summer an important part of the story. Write between 100 and 1000 words and share away! I feel warm and summery just thinking about these awesome stories.

As submissions allow, I will share three stories on my website next Friday, one from each age category! The age categories are:
12 years-old and under
13-18 years
19 years +

I will do my best to reply to each of your stories.
Stories should be 100-1000 words and should be appropriate for all audiences.
Please include your name and age (or age range!) in your submission and send to:

Okay, now go write a story!

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