Furry Thursday

Furry Thursday, No. 2

Can you guess the animal based on the clues?
Smash up science and English parts of speech together with this guessing game!

adjectives: furry, grizzly, hefty, strong, fast, dangerous, brown or black or white
verbs: Hunt, fish, paw, lumber, stand, crawl, attack, sniff, growl
nouns: Mama, Papa, Baby, honey, berries, fish, cave, claws, omnivore
biomes: Tundra (Cold), Deciduous Forest, Woodlands, Desert Edge, Temperate Forests

Think you know which animal?
Click here for the answer!

Simplified definitions:
Adjective: a describing word, placed before a noun (or pronoun)
a person, place, thing, or idea
an action word
the type of environment where living things make their homes, a habitat (ex: desert, rainforest, tundra)
eats both plants and meat

Furry Thursday chipmunk

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