Friday Story Share

Friday Story Share: Robert and the Kitties

And the winner for this Friday’s Storyshare is… Marigrace S.! Thank you for sharing your story, Marigrace! I loved every bit of it, especially the happy ending.

I hope this story inspires you to write your own!

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Robert and the Kitties
by Marigrace S, 1st grade

One summer day, a little kitty named Jack was snuggling in his owner’s house. His owner’s name was Marigrace. She loved her cat.

One day Jack ran outside to play. Marigrace went with him. They played on a cat toy.

Then all of a sudden, a mean dog ran toward them!

robert the dog

Jack climbed off the toy and went back into Marigrace’s house because he was scared of the terrible dog. The dog was trying to attack the kitty!

Marigrace felt so sad and rushed in with Jack to protect him. The dog tried to get in, but Marigrace wouldn’t let him.

He scratched some paint off the door trying to get in! Then, all of a sudden, the dog rushed to another house because the dog saw another kitty!

The mean dog went in through a back door which had been left open and found the kitty inside the house. Marigrace saw all of this happen and rushed to the house. She got the kitty in her arms and ran as fast as she could to the owner, whose name was Heath.

Heath came and said, “Bad dog!” and he locked the mean dog in his cage. Heath did not let the dog outside to play for 4 days. The mean dog’s name was Robert and he was sad he had been mean. He just wanted to play with the kitties. So the owner said, “You may play outside, but you must be gentle to the kitties.”

From then on, Robert was so gentle. He and the two kitties were friends.

jack and robert

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