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Friday Story Share Topic: New Country

Ready for this week’s Story Share Topic?
Join in the fun! Write your story and share by Thursday night, July 5, for a chance to have your story shared on the site on Friday, July 13!

This Week’s Story Share Topic:

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Write a story about a character who just moved to a new country.

How is this country different from his/her old country? What struggles does the character have in the new country? How are these struggles overcome? The new country could be a real country you’ve studied or visited in the past, or it could be completely made up! Maybe the new country isn’t even on this planet! Let your imagination take off and send in your stories! (Please keep it between 100 and 1000 words.)

FAQ: If you don’t want to share your story, can you still write one? Absolutely!
Do you have to write a story on this particular topic? Nope! Writing stories is a great creative writing exercise, no matter what the topic. The topic is a prompt to get you started!

Writing with little ones? Read this post about how to include young children in writing activities.

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