Fun List Mondays

Fun List Monday, July 23

If You Could Only Take 3 and a 1/2 Things With You On A Desert Island, They Would Be…

A knife? A pot for boiling water? A phone? 1/2 a bottle of suncreen? 1/2 a juice box? If you were stuck on a desert island, you probably wouldn’t need toothpaste. But what would you need? I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

edit desert sea-3131810_1920 copy

Write a list with me! Every Monday I will post a fun list. Fill out your list and enjoy it by yourself, share it on my Facebook page. Not convinced? Read about how lists encourage better writing here.

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Story Share Topic!

Story Share Topic: Feelings

Ready for this week’s Story Share Topic?
Join in the fun! Write your story and send it in for a chance to have your story shared on the site!

This Week’s Story Share Topic:

land of feelings

Write a story about a character who travels to the Land of Feelings.

What does it look like? What happens there? Who does the main character meet? What is the problem? How is it solved? How does the character change because of the trip? Your creativity is the limit!
(Please keep it between 100 and 1000 words.)

Need at alternate topic?
Write a story about a character who feels sad. Why is he/she sad? What happens that eventually makes them happy again?

To share: Send your story next Friday to

FAQ: If you don’t want to share your story, can you still write one? Absolutely!
Do you have to write a story on this particular topic? Nope! Writing stories is a great creative writing exercise, no matter what the topic. The topic is a prompt to get you started!

Writing with little ones? Read this post about how to include young children in writing activities.

Furry Thursday

Furry Thursday, No. 5

Can you guess the animal based on the clues?
Smash up science and English parts of speech together with this guessing game!

adjectives: fluffy, crafty, quick, frisky, playful, sly, fierce, protective, bushy-tailed, beautiful
verbs: bound, hunt, bark, play, run,
nouns: ears, coat
biomes: diverse: grasslands, deserts, forests, tundra

Think you know which animal?
Click here for the answer!

Simplified definitions:
Adjective: a describing word, placed before a noun (or pronoun)
a person, place, thing, or idea
an action word
the type of environment where living things make their homes, a habitat (ex: desert, rainforest, tundra)
eats both plants and meat

Furry Thursday rabbit